Finca Los Suspiros Bourbon & Caturra Washed

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Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Apple acidity, caramel sweetness, peach

Finca Los Suspiros is located in the Huehuetenango region which is the highest and driest area in Guatemala and one of the three regions that doesn’t have volcanic soil but loads of moisture from rivers and streams that can be found almost anywhere in the area. Huehuetenango is often referred to as “Huehue” pronounced like the “whe” in where.

Did you know that “suspiros” means “sighs”? Like the kind of little sigh after that first sip hits and it warms your insides, literally and figuratively. A fitting name for a farm that is part of a greater farm called Alta Mira that has been in Axel Palacios’ family for 3 generations. Los Suspiros is a collab between Axel and childhood friend, Fredy Morales. Axel farms the coffee while Fredy and his brother help process the cherries.