Why do you only have Guatemalan coffees? Will you have any other origins in the future?

For now Hackney Rascal only offers single-origin Guatemalan varietals because of the long lasting relationships we have built with farmers in Guatemala. Alex, our founder, previously worked alongside her mum and sis sourcing some of Guatemala’s finest coffee beans with amazing producers across the country. Today we still get to collab with the family through Coffee Bird and deliver you the best of Guatemala, right to your door. 

    Where does the coffee come from? 

      We work directly with farmers so there’s no middle man, no funny business, no shady contracts. The wellbeing of these farmers is our main priority, high-quality coffee follows.

        Your roasts are sold whole bean, what should the grind size be?

        We recommend Hackney Rascal coffees to be brewed by filter so a medium to medium-fine grind should do the trick— think granulated sugar or table salt. Grinding right before brewing yields a more flavourful cup. Already ground coffee is exposed to more oxygen and noticeable amount of flavour will have dissipated.

          I've heard a lot of talk about water, does this really make a difference?

          Brewing by filter method means your morning cup is 98% water. We wouldn’t want the gap to fall from perfectly roasted beans, to a not-so-great cup of coffee. We recommend using filtered water instead of straight from the tap to minimise harshness in your cup.

            How should I store my coffee?

            Keep whole beans sealed in its bag or in an airtight container and grind only the amount you’ll be using right before you brew.

              What is your returns policy?

              You can see our return and refund policy here.

                How long does shipping take?

                24 or 48hr Royal Mail tracked delivery. Same day dispatch on orders placed before 1pm.

                    Do you ship worldwide?

                    Right now we ship to the UK and Europe. 

                    Something happened, who do I talk to?
                    Email hola@hackneyrascal.com with any issues, questions, concerns. We're happy to help.