Fraijanes - Finca Rabanales - Aramosa - White Honey

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Region: Fraijanes, Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Delicate, Silky body, Chocolatey

This coffee varietal is¬†ÔĽŅnaturally lower in caffeine.

Fraijanes comes with high rainfall, lofty altitudes, shifting humidity and an active volcano‚ÄĒ¬†mother nature¬†giving it her all for some of the best coffee in the region. But Fraijanes has been shrinking due to demographic pressures so we hope by maintaining our loyalty to these farms we can continue to stimulate their business and more farmers will return to the area.

Don Gregorio Zamora founded Finca Rabanales in what started out as farming livestock but by 1894 turned into a successful coffee farm. Over a hundred years later, the farm has been passed down through Don Gregorio Zamora’s family for the last 5 generations. Today, his great-great-grandchildren, siblings Rafael and Maria Elena, manage the farm and continue the legacy and farms conservation. Rafael manages the technical field details, while Maria Elena supports the cupping operations.