Finca Esperanza Bourbon & Caturra Washed

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Region: Huehuetenango

Tasting notes: Chocolate & orange acidity

This story goes back over 50 years, to when Don Eleodoro would travel 4 days by foot to buy cherry from a farm, and then walk 5 days back to sell the coffee to a mill. Once he realised it was a viable business, he bought Finca La Esperanza in 1953. 

Aurelio, one of Eleodoro’s sons, grew up on the farm. After leaving for school for a year, Aurelio returned to help and learn. His ultimate dream was to have his own farm, which he purchased in 1986. He called it Villaure, which is a combination of his first and last names: ’Vill’, from Villatoro and ‘Aure’ from Aurelio. Since day one, he worked hard and dedicated his time to producing high quality coffee.

Aurelio had been helping his father with La Esperanza, and upon Don Eleodoro’s recent passing, has taken over management of the farm. Villaure has competed in the Cup of Excellence four times. He has also been awarded by Illy as the Best Farmer in Guatemala and Best Farmer in Huehuetenango.