Brewing Equipment & Grinders

AeroPress coffee maker box, AeroPress chamber with filters and filter holder, black funnel with measuring scoop and AeroPress stirrer, black filter chamber

Aeropress + tote bag

Hario v60 Craft Coffee Maker box with Hario coffee pot filled a quarter of the way with coffee, condensation on the sides, filter filled with coffee grinds sits on top of the pot, a measuring scoop and small potted green plant in a white pot sit on top of a light brown wood table and a beige wall behind

Hario V60 Craft Coffee Kit

hario hand coffee grinder, black with translucent chamber

Hario Mill Mini Slim-Plus Hand Grinder


Moccamaster KBG Select

From £190
silver wilfa svart electric coffee grinder sitting on black countertop

Wilfa Svart Grinder - Silver